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Earn certifications in our supplementary courses and expand your clinic’s offerings.

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Cosmetic Medical Training

Experience the most convenient and thorough hands-on Botox & Dermal Filler training right in your office. Transform your practice by mastering these in-demand procedures.

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Sclerotherapy Training Online

Increase your competency in Sclerotherapy injection procedures with our comprehensive online course. Gain hands-on experience in Asclera® injections, without leaving your office.

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Botox Medical Training

Explore our comprehensive online training dedicated to FDA-approved therapeutic uses of Botox. Elevate your practice with this valuable addition to your services.

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Cosmetic Medical Consulting

Navigate the intricacies of a Medical Spa startup with our comprehensive business consulting. Empower your clinical practice by developing proficiency in business management and marketing.

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Medical Weight Loss Training is a proud member of the Cosmetic Medical Training, LLC family. Explore our other official websites to discover a wide array of additional trainings opportunities.

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